Crew Portal

This is designed to be a central location you can come to find crew resources.

Information Sources

To avoid having to tell every person about new things individually, here are the key places we will post information. You should check all of them regularly, and always before and after every shift.


  • HotSchedules Messages - We will send HotSchedules messages for many things.
  • Bulletin Board - The bulletin board in the alley outside the kitchen.
  • White Board - The white board in the alley outside of the kitchen.
  • POSiTouch Messages - If a message pops up on the POS, you should read it and know it.
  • Text Message Service - Text bohemiancrew to 51660 to get updates. This is for simple stuff that is more time sensitive, for example "you're allowed to wear Blackhawks shirts instead of your uniform today". Click for QR Code. We do not receive responses in real time. Call the restaurant if you have something you have questions about.
  • In-Store Advertising - Pay general attention to the table tents, posters, marquee, etc as you come in.

Task/Position Specific

  • Specials - There are specials photos on the tablet mounted in the hallway from the pizza kitchen. They just play on rotation as a screensaver. You can tap the screen then tap specials to get descriptions and prices.
  • Draft Beer - Tap "New Draft Beers" on the tablet to be taken to a list of beers on our lines. It should be sorted by newest to oldest. If it is not, then use the sort & filter button to do it. You can tap on any beer to get more information, including food pairings.
  • Other Beers - There is a beer link on the tablet that brings you to That will let you see a current beer list. You can tap on any beer to get more information.

Scheduling & Attendance How To

Click here for the proper procedures for common things you may need to do.


Being on and regularly checking HotSchedules is a condition of your employment. They have excellent help articles in the help center and a 24 x 7 support phone number.

  • HotSchedules Login
  • Shift Transactions - Scroll down to the video to learn how to release, pick up, or swap shifts.
  • Submit New Availability - Learn how to request a change to your availability.
  • Request Time Off - Learn how to request time off.
  • Change Phone Number - Your personal information should always be up to date. It is the best way for us to be able to contact you. You can hide your phone number from other staff members if you want it only visible to management.
  • Text Messaging - Get text alerts when your schedule is posted or changed.
  • Help Center
    • English Phone Support: 877-720-8578 (24 x 7)
    • Spanish Phone Support: 866-753-3853 (Option 2)
    • (English and Spanish)
  • HotSchedules Mobile Apps (Optional)

Get Direct Deposit

View Your Pay Stubs Online

  • - Use ViewMyPaycheck to see and print your pay stubs.
    • Pay stubs may appear before you receive your direct deposit. That does not mean funds are available yet.
    • W-2's can be viewed online. The paper version you receive in the mail is the official version. If you use TurboTax, your W-2 will be imported directly.
  • Welcome Sheet (pdf) - Instructions to set up your ViewMyPaycheck account.

Bojoe's Crew Facebook Page

  • - a good way to communicate with groups of your coworkers. Sometimes we'll post information we also post elsewhere.
    • This is a secondary way to communicate. If you need to release a shift, please release it on HotSchedules first. Even if a manager sees something or comments on something, that isn't an official approval.


  • Food Handling Certification
    • Required by Illinois law for all employees who may come into contact with food, dishwater, or utensils.
  • BASSET Training
    • Required by Illinois law for selling liquor.
    • Indiana liquor license is not a valid alternative.
    • Usually costs about $7-$10. Lasts three years. Can be used at other jobs in Illinois.

Comments & Suggestions

If you have a comment or suggestion, please send us a message on HotSchedules. We get these faster and they carry more weight with your name behind it.

Sometimes there are things that need to be said that you would prefer to be left anonymous. If that is the case, please feel free to use our Online Suggestion Box.