Thank you, Lansing.

It is with mixed feelings that we are announcing that Bohemian Joe's has been sold. We informed our staff last week. As of right now, our last day full operations will be Saturday, April 28.

This really has been quite a journey for our family. Along the way we have put together an incredible staff and entertained wonderful people from which we take with us lifelong friends and memories. In the course of the next few weeks we will share some of the stories and introduce you to the people who help make Bohemian Joe's a special place.

We have learned so much and have made our share of mistakes along the way. We apologize to anyone we disappointed for it was never for lack of trying or caring. I hope that we leave you with more positive memories than negative.

Thank you for being on this journey with us and we hope our paths cross again.

Chris, Tawnee, Dustin and all the Paligas

Gift Cards

You can still use your Bohemian Joe's Gift Card at another great Lansing restaurant through July 2018! Choose one and bring your gift card in to use your balance there. The participating restaurant will need to keep your gift card.

Participating restaurants reserve the right to add additional restrictions or to cease their participation without notice. Please contact us with any issues, and we should be able to resolve them. Bohemian Joe's gift cards are not directly integrated with the systems of participating restaurants, so they can't solve any issues on the spot. If you have problems (a worn off number, the balance doesn't match your memory, etc.), then you will need to contact us before you use it. We can refer to the detailed transaction records and help resolve your issue.

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